Inside the Secret World of Fiddleheads

Walking through a moonlit forest alone, a small rustling in the bush is heard then another then another. Don’t worry it’s not an axe wielding maniac or monster from the lake, it’s just fiddleheads popping out of the ground.

If you thought flowers in bloom was a sign of spring, think again! Fiddleheads are the delicious & nutritious official start of spring. The fresher than fresh green will be available for a very short time and like proverbial hero, they disappear into the sunset. Norcliff Fiddleheads have no cides, no herbicides, fungicides or pesticides.
Why should you eat this powerhouse of a vegetable? Fiddleheads maybe small but are bursting with antioxidants and if eaten generously will help prevent free radicals & slow signs of aging. Want a non-marine source of omega 3 & 6 with no fishy taste, then this vegetable is for you. 

More reasons to eat fiddleheads:

·         Vitamin C
·         Beta Carotene slows down the progression of cataracts, macular degeneration, sunburn, and asthma
·         Lutein helps protect eyes against ultra violet light
·         Violaxanthin which is an anti-inflammatory
·         3 to 4 times higher phenolic compound than spinach (don’t tell Popeye)

Once picked NorCliff Farms Inc. ensures that the cleaning process is performed with care and precision. We encourage consumers to wash all produce prior to preparation. It is recommended to boil fiddleheads (approximately 10-12 minutes, until tender) before consuming, add butter or olive oil salt garlic or your favorite dressing. When looking at fiddleheads the question that pops into your mind would be, “What can I make with them?” An easy answer, “Add them in place of broccoli or asparagus.”
What are you waiting for, head to your local grocer before their all gone!

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