"So You Think You Can Cook?"

Nina and Nick Secord and the NorCliff Team would like to thank:
SickKids Foundation for all of their hard work, and for allowing us the privilege and opportunity to work with you.
The Sopra Upper Lounge, Chef Massimo Capra and Paolo Paolini for allowing the use of your amazing establishment. 
The Judges, thank you we know it wasn't easy since all three dishes were so delicious!
The chefs: Greg RennetBruce Worden, and Dan LeBlanc thank you for coming out and making such amazing dishes. Its always nice to see Fiddleheads used in a fresh new way.
Our MC for the night Dennis Painter you did a wonderful job.
Photography by Pamela, thank you the photos look great!
Our music by Anne Lederman, you play beautifully thank you.
Thank you Peller Estates for your delicious wine!
To everyone who came out to show support thank you so much!
We would also like to congratulate the winner Dan LeBlanc!!
Thank you all so much, it was a fantastic night. We are so honored to have you all there with us to show support for an amazing charity, and celebrate Fiddleheads!

The winning dish made by Chef Dan LeBlanc, Fiddleheads, Shrimp, and Scallop Cannelloni.
  Dan LeBlanc of Benchmark Restaurant in Niagara on the Lake is the winner of last nights event with his Fiddleheads, Shrimp and Scallop Cannelloni. 
  Dan grew up in the Niagara Region starting his first job at the age of 15 in the restaurant business as a dish washer. He moved up from dish washer to cook and never looked back. He graduated from Niagara College Apprenticeship Program.   
  After graduating Dan went on to pursue his passion for cooking and fine dining, working in several fine dining establishments in Niagara. 
  Dan eventually made his way back to Niagara College where hes been for the past 5 years. While working at the Benchmark Restaurant Dan has been able to hone his skills from the past 25 years and pass them on to aspiring chefs from as far away as India and Japan.
  Dan says "My career has been rewarding and will continue to be for many years to follow."
Congratulations Dan, your Fiddlehead, Shrimp, Scallop Cannelloni was delicious! Thank you so much for being a part of this years "So You Think You Can Cook?" Fiddlehead Culinary Competition. 

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