A little fun information about Fiddleheads

Fiddleheads grow wild across Canada with an abundance located along the east coast. These little gems are vigorous, especially after warm rain in May, that they can grow up to 6 inches over night!

Fiddleheads grow so quickly, that they must be picked the next day; otherwise they will blossom into beautiful ferns. Although you will be able to enjoy the visual elegance of this majestic plant, you will be too late to savour the delectable flavour this spring vegetable.

With Fiddlehead season only lasting from the end of April to mid- June, these spring vegetables fly off the shelf almost as fast as they grow. If you are already a Fiddlehead advocate, you know why they are snatched up by consumers so quickly. If you have not yet tried Fiddleheads, keep your eye out and try a few as soon as you see them at your local grocer, otherwise they will be gone!

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