Fiddlehead Frenzy

Fiddlehead Frenzy


Part A
50g – Fiddleheads
50g – Pineapple
50g – Granny Smith Apple ( peeled and cored )
35g – Avocado ( peeled and seed removed )
30g – Kiwi ( peeled )
30g – Vanilla Yogurt
25g – Clover Honey
20g – Spinach
1 tsp – Lime Juice ( freshly squeezed )
2 – Mint Leaves

Part B
50g – Ice

Combine all ingredients in Part A in a blender, and blend until Smooth.
Pass threw a fine sieve, and discard the large particles and pulp.
Return the strained liquid to the blender and blend with Part B. Serve Immediately.

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